Wiper Relay


Recently, the wipers have started to play up on my 2010 BMW E60 LCI

I booked it in to North Oxford BMW last Saturday morning, as it’d been there for services and I’m happy with the work and the customer care.

Of course, sod’s law jumped in, and on the Friday night on the way home from work, the wipers worked fine. Grr.

I took it along to BMW anyway, and thankfully the wipers played up for the technician, and the computer had logged helpful fault codes.

The motor was declared as fine, and a replacement relay was recommended.

They had none in stock, and so I ordered one to collect; I’m quite competent and can swap a relay.

In the mean time I checked the handbook; no mention of relays, just fuses. OK; off to google we go.

The relays are in the “e-box” which is under one of the cabin air intake filters. A helpful Youtube video showed how to get to it.

I picked the relay up this morning, and as the weather was nice, set about replacing it this afternoon.

I undid the clips etc on the drivers side cabin air filter, and fiddled with the surround, before, eventually, the lower part came off, revealing…

…no, not the e-box as expected…

I was faced with the brake servo, which immediately made perfect sense; I immediately realised I’d watched a US video.

So I put it all back together, and started taking the passenger side apart.


Untouched, before disassembly…

Undo that clip along the left edge of the cover, and there’s a clip you can undo with a 13mm socket on the lower right corner (as pictured). Lift it off.

Then, you need to unclip the seal (pictured) – it just lifts off. There’s a clip on plastic cover in the middle below the windscreen, just visible in the left of the picture above; it just slides to the right and comes off.

Once that’s done, you can undo the screw (centre, bottom, next to the red battery terminal, in the picture above) and 3 more of the hex 13mm to be undone with the socket.

You can remove an odd little plastic cover that fits around the right hand bonnet stay with a bit of a wiggle, and then the cover comes off revealing…


Undo the alan screws holding the lid on, and…


That browny-beige relay is the wiper relay.

The invoice says it’s a B61.36.8.384.505.

Hope this helps someone.